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Last night, the Downtown Bellingham Partnership welcomed back The Prime Time Band for the final show of the band’s three-year run. 

I’ve had the pleasure to both shoot and dance to The Prime Time Band’s music over the years. If you never had the pleasure to see TPTB live, their stage presence emits nothing but pure positivity set to classic R&B favorites by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and even TLC. The result is lots and lots and lots of dancing.

Gonna miss shooting these guys. No recording can give this band justice to how they sound live. Which is remarkable considering how I counted 15 band members on stage last night, give or take a few guests. 

Learn more and listen to The Prime Time Band at 

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Got bored and decided to make a little film last night, despite not having a tripod. Music is “Rely” by our hometown heroes, Odesza. Listen and download their work here:

I haven’t posted new work to Tumblr in almost a year. Just kinda forgot about this blog. I’ve mainly been using my new website at I’m gonna try to get back on my Tumblr game this summer. 

For starters, here’s my take from Lawnstock on June 3: 

Students walk underneath Bruce Nauman’s “Stadium Piece” at Lawnstock.

Rabia Shaheen Qazi of Rose Windows.

The Dip performs.

Miro Justad of Tangerine.

An attendee rests on the edge of Bruce Nauman’s “Stadium Piece” as Rose Windows performs.

Members of Animal Collective play a DJ set as Lawnstock’s headlining performance.

Lawnstock 2014 was the festival’s second installment, the first one took place in June 2013 and welcomed Odesza, THEESatisfaction, Sol and The Lonely Forest. The festival is hosted by Western’s AS Productions and co-sponsored by campus radio station KUGS 89.3.  

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Random shots from Bshoot.

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Hot Bodies in Motion & The Maldives’ sets at the Mural (Starbucks Stage) at Bumbershoot on Monday, Sept. 2. 

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I shot Sol before at Western’s Lawnstock back in early June. The guy has a great energy to his performance and is really great about involving the crowd. 

He allows photographers to be in the pit for his entire show, which is very unusual, especially as his career has been on a steady climb.

At some point towards the beginning of the set, he took a drink of his water, handed the bottle to me and said, “here have some water.” I was plenty hydrated from the free goodies in the pressroom. So I gave a photographer behind me a sip, turned to the kids in the front row (in second picture), pretended to hand the water to them, but emptied it all over them and threw it into the pit. 

Hands down the most fun I’ve had interacting with a crowd.

Sol’s a pretty great guy and an amazing lyricist. I certainly recommend checking him out.

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Seattle R&B artist Allen Stone closes out Bumbershoot on Monday, Sept. 2 at the TuneIn Stage.

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Working through my take from three days at Bumbershoot. Here are just a few of my favorites from Saturday.

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Western’s men’s rugby club competes against Old Puget Sound Beach during the Can-Am Summer Sevens Tournament in Ferndale on July 13.

Local Natives (my favorite band, coincidentally) performs at the WWU Performing Arts Center Mainstage on April 28.

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